Week Ahead: Week 7 Term 1 (11th – 17th March)


Napier Boys High School Week Ahead

Week Ahead: Week 7 Term 1, Monday 11th March – Sunday 17th March

Goal-Setting Conferences

Tutor / Whānau / Student Goal-Setting Conferences are Thursday 14 & Friday 15 March. All students are expected to attend with a parent / caregiver.

A School Bridge notification / email was sent on Wednesday containing a link to information related to the conferences, including the focus and booking process. If you are unable to make a booking via School Bridge, please phone the school office, 06 833 5900, or email your son’s tutor teacher to make a booking on your behalf.

Regular timetabled classes do not run during the conferences. Your son is expected at school for his conference, only.

Monday, 18 March will be Day 6 on the school timetable.

Year 10 Careers Expo: Inspiring Future Men

All Year 10 students will participate in an onsite Careers Expo Tuesday 19th March. The theme and intent of the expo is ‘Inspiring Future Men’. Our young men will be exposed to a variety of industries, including the services, manufacturing and construction sectors. Initially, all students will attend a Q&A and ‘Guess Who’ approach. From here, they will be split into smaller groups, with the intention of “speed dates” with the various industry providers.

Uniform Shop

Early closing – Tuesday 12th March the uniform shop will be shutting at 4pm not 4.30pm.

Upcoming Events

Please take the time to look at this school newsletter, the ‘Week Ahead’. The Week Ahead outlines upcoming school activities. Urgent updates will be pushed-out via School Bridge.

We have moved to a digital school calendar. The school calendar can be accessed here: KAMAR  or SchoolBridge

Contact Details

If you have changed your phone number, address or email please contact jgourdie@nbhs.school.nz with the changes

L2 Geography – Tongariro

The L2 Geography fieldtrip to the Tongariro Volcanic Centre runs Monday 11 – Wednesday 13, March.

Dairy Future Day Out

A group of Year 10 Agriculture students will attend the Dairy Future Day Out on Wednesday, 13 March. The event showcases career opportunities across dairy farming and the wider agricultural sector.


Representatives from universities continue their introductory overviews onsite outlining programmes, information related to hostels and scholarships.

Waikato University             Tuesday 12 March            1:10pm                   A7

University of Canterbury    Friday 15 March                1:10pm                   A7

Representatives from the tertiary providers will return later in the year for detailed information about scholarships (July) as well as helping students select their courses (September). Also, universities hold information evenings for students and parents to attend. These events will be advertised as soon as dates have been confirmed.

NCEA Internal Assessments due in Week 7

NCEA Level 1
Subject Achievement Standard
Engineering US22956 Demonstrate knowledge of safety procedures in a specific engineering workshop


NCEA Level 2
Subject Achievement Standard
Physical Education AS2.4 Perform a physical activity in an applied setting
Engineering US21911 Demonstrate knowledge of safety on engineering worksites
Mathematics (202) AS2.4 Apply trigonometric relationships in solving problems


NCEA Level 3
Subject Achievement Standard
Calculus AS3.3 Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems
Earth & Space Science AS3.6 Investigate an aspect of astronomy
Mathematics AS3.15 Apply systems of simultaneous equations in solving problems
Gateway US4251 Plan a career pathway

KAMAR Parent Portal

Parents / caregivers can access results and school reports through the KAMAR Parent Portal. If you have difficulty accessing the portal, please contact Mrs J Gourdie jgourdie@nbhs.school.nz Parents / whānau new to school will receive access details in the coming weeks.

You can access the KAMAR parent portal here: https://kamar.nbhs.school.nz/ or via the School Bridge app.

 Week Ahead Sport

Wellington College Exchange – Monday 11th March

1st XI Cricket, Colts Cricket, Tennis, Golf and Volleyball @ Napier Boys’ High School

Golf @ Bridge Pa

Futsal @ Pettigrew Green Arena

Winter Sports Registrations – These are open, the form has been sent to Student and Parents emails via school bridge. They are due Thursday 14th March Link HERE

Sports Draws – You can find the sports draws here: https://www.nbhs.school.nz/students/sport-draws/

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