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2023 Course Selection

Please use the attached material as a starting point for Y9 – 12 students to build their 2023 academic programme.

We encourage the selection of subjects to build a programme of study that meets your son’s future needs, whether they have an intended career pathway or are wanting to give themselves a variety of options.

Students are encouraged to make ‘informed decisions’. This means consulting the attached material and speaking with different groups before making their course selection. For example, parents, whānau, teachers, Deans, Careers Department and of course people in the related industries.

Bookings for Ms Laurs, Careers Advisor, can be made directly by students at the Careers Office, or ph. 8335900 ext. 220.

Please complete your son’s subject selection through the KAMAR Parent Portal 

If you have difficulty accessing the portal, please contact the School Office.

Course selection for 2023 should be completed by Friday, 26 August.



The Napier Boys’ High Athlete Development Programme (ADP) is a high-performance programme aimed at developing athletes to reach the top of their respective sports. The programme philosophy matches the school’s, that students must be committed to their academic studies as their main priority. A strong work ethic is critical to both academic and sporting success.

The Athlete Development Programme will run during the second and third trimester of the Year 9 option programme. Students involved in the programme will have 4 hours per 6-day cycle in the Athlete Development Programme. The programme will replace one of their chosen Year 9 option subjects.

Application & Selection

Selection involves a thorough and objective process, conducted by a group of qualified staff. Applications will be discussed and further research into students’ abilities/attitudes will be carried out, where necessary. Selection is not limited to pure sporting ability; the students must display academic effort and focus in all areas of school life.

If your son would like to be part of this initiative, please apply here

Online applications must be submitted by Friday, 25 November.

Successful applicants will be notified at the beginning of 2023.


Authenticity is the assurance that evidence of achievement produced by a learner is their own. At NBHS we manage this through regular checking of student work and assistive technology using Turnitin. All students who complete an internal assessment must complete a declaration that states that the work they that have submitted is their own.  


Extensions for NCEA internal assessments will be granted at the discretion of the Principal’s Nominee. The attached extension form should be completed by the student’s parent or caregiver. Extensions will be granted for sickness. However, a medical certificate may be required.  

NCEA extension form