Pastoral Care and Support Network

Each year 9 student is placed in a house and tutor class at the beginning of each year. Family connections are considered in the house placement. Tutor classes are vertical, i.e.: there are 18 – 20 boys across all five year levels in each class. Your son will stay with the same tutor and tutor class for his time at the school.

The role of your son’s tutor is to:

  • Be the first point of contact for parents or the student regarding school matters
  • Be the one staff member who should know your son best
  • Monitor your son’s academic progress, guide his goal setting and mentor him where needed
  • Monitor your son’s attendance and organisation with regards to homework completion and assignments
  • Make referrals to Deans where necessary

A House Dean at Napier Boys’ High School provides the necessary support for all students in that house. Their role is fundamental to student achievement. Communication with students, staff, particularly guidance and senior management, and parents are key aspects. Deans have a genuine working relationship with students in their house.

Key Pastoral Care responsibilities:

  • To counsel students who have concerns about school life
  • To promote personal excellence and promote appropriate awards or recognition for their students
  • To evaluate student referrals from classroom teachers or parents and take remedial or
    disciplinary action as required
  • To monitor attendance in conjunction with the attendance officer

The school Guidance Counsellors provide assistance and support for issues either at school or at home. Any student can access the guidance counsellor by leaving a note in the container outside their office door or directly making an appointment. Deans can also refer students to the Counsellor. Any conversation which takes place with the Counsellor is confidential, unless all parties have agreed that it may be discussed. Exceptions to this are cases where confidentiality may allow a harmful situation to either arise or continue.

All students have access to  Ms. Laurs, the Career’s Advisor. The Careers Advisor interviews all Year 11-13 students.

The Careers Advisor can help you with:

  • Setting career, job and training goals
  • Planning steps to achieve your goals
  • Job interview skills and techniques
  • CV preparation
  • Job search strategies
  • Information on education providers, courses and training opportunities
  • Mentoring

Useful careers and study links can be found here.

Learning support is designed to help junior students who are struggling with a particular subject or across the curriculum. It aims to make the curriculum achievable for all students. Learning support operates over a cycle of lessons, where the Learning Support Teacher observes the student in the classroom environment, and then designs an appropriate programme for the student concerned.

In addition Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) specialists work in the school in a variety of programmes.  The RTLB service is integrated with the larger network of special education services and is designed to address moderate learning and/or behaviour difficulties. RTLBs work as itinerant, collaborative consultants assisting teachers to meet students’ needs