As one of a select group of traditional boys’ schools, we are committed to academic success by nurturing the potential of your son. This is reflected in our emphasis on quality boys’ teaching by developing effective relationships both in and outside of the classroom and also having consistent structures which support boys’ learning such as streaming, homework and examinations.


A healthy balance of both young and experienced staff ensures that school life remains energetic and dynamic, but also stable and consistent. This is reflected in the wide involvement of staff and students in our successful sporting and cultural heritage. Our emphasis on staff development, particularly in the area of boys’ best education, is strong and ongoing.


As a traditional school, we uphold our values and heritage by maintaining high expectations of our students, not only in terms of their work effort but also their courtesy, grooming, attendance and punctuality. This is reinforced through our culture of formal assemblies, discipline and the inculcation of pride in our school and community.


This same culture is part of Scinde House, our boarding hostel family, which offers a unique dimension to Napier Boys’ High School, bringing in young men from central and eastern North Island.


We are proud of our school and Napier Boys’ High School is an icon in the Hawke’s Bay which is valued not only by students and staff alike but also the wider community.


Jarred Williams


Above all Napier Boys’ High School is a place that is enjoyed by students, staff and the greater school community.