Me tika te mahi, kia mataara – Do right and fear nothing

0ver the past 150 years Napier Boys’ High School has maintained the best traditions and expectations. As we continue to look forward today this is coupled with innovation. The school realises that ‘all’ young men require a holistic and well-rounded education to prepare them for the modern world. Furthermore, we are a school committed to fostering a curriculum where every student has access to an extensive range of opportunities that supports personal excellence alongside whakawhānaungatanga (establishing relationships). This intention shows a willingness to challenge mediocrity. Whereby, we are ensuring our young men not only leave school with a sense of identity, confidence, and moral courage, but also endeavour to form happy and successful lives both personally and professionally.

Napier Boys’ High School is adaptable, focused, and motivated to provide pathway solutions where all students are engaged and feel included. The school has created a culture of care, with a genuine purpose to seek collaborative results through high expectation, simply, we all want our students to feel safe, happy and acknowledged.

Students are at the centre of all school-related decisions. Manakitanga (equal care) between whānau and the school are vital to the success of our students. We encourage families to become involved in every way possible. Napier Boys’ High School has a lot to offer across sporting and cultural activities. As a member of the New Zealand Super Eight Schools, we enjoy the benefits of competing and collaborating with other boys’ schools to achieve the best for boys’ education.

Along with all the staff at Napier Boys’ High School, we are here to make every effort to help students reach their fullest potential. We vow to give our all to our students, and we request the same efforts from our wider school community. Together we will continue to move Napier Boys’ High School students through a rich learning environment guided with care and support toward a bright future.

Scinde House forms a key part of the school’s identity. Young men from across the east coast and further, contribute to both the cultural and sporting capital of the school population. Spirit, heart and pride in the hostel and the bond that comes with it plays an integral part of who we are.

I extend a warm invitation to you to contact the school to make an appointment to tour the campus and discuss your enrolment and our educational philosophy. If you wish to enrol with us, please complete the enrolment online through our website as soon as possible.

Your Sincerely


Above all Napier Boys’ High School is a place that is enjoyed by students, staff and the greater school community.