shop hours

Tuesday        (After school)          3 – 4.30 pm
Thursday      (Lunch time)           1.10 – 2.10 pm


Thank you to parents who ensure their son(s) come to school every day in the correct school uniform.


The summer polo shirt is to be worn during the next 2 terms of school.  Please check your son/s’ uniform supplies to ensure the correct school uniform is worn EVERY DAY.


To assist with the summer change-over both new & second-hand shops will be open on the last day of the school holidays FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER 10 am – 3.30 pm.  Please organise to purchase uniform within the shop opening hours only.


Uniforms may be paid for in advance either at the school counter (8 am – 4 pm weekdays during term time) or deposited directly into your son’s school account via internet banking.  Uniform size exchange will be made so long as it has not been worn and is not named.  Only buy what your son requires – refunding uniform because it is surplus to your requirements should not be happening.


SENIOR POLO summer shirts are worn by year 12 & 13 students only.


Please name all uniform clothing (& shoe bags etc).  Lost property is returned to students by office staff when a name can be read.

Price list

Summer Shirts 11-12   –   6XL $43
Summer Shorts 11-12   –   6XL $50
Senior Polo Shirts Yr12 &13 XS – 5XL $45
Jerseys 2XS   –  6XL $95
Socks (Shoe size) 2 – 6 $14
7 – 11 $14
12-14 $14
School Jacket 11-12   –   4XL $90
P.E. Shorts 11-12   –   6XL $33
P.E. Shirts 13-14   –   6XL $38
Caps/Bucket Hats One Size $25
Scarves One size $20
Years 12 & 13
Grey Trousers 76  –   132 $58
White Shirts (Limited Stock) 2XS  –  3XL $45
Ties $25
Blazers (Prefects and Snr Sports Players) $210
Super 8 shirts (Named players only) $35

Years 9, 10 & 11 are to wear current style shirts sold from the new shop.  Please do not hand on any of the ‘old’ style shirts (either summer or winter) to our new students as they are not permitted to wear them.  This includes the sky-blue shirt.  We ask they be disposed of and not left in charity shops etc.

Plastic bag free

School uniform shops are now plastic bag free so please come prepared with your own bags to pack your purchases into.

Hire Uniform

If your son has hired blazers/grey trousers for sports season 2020 these need to be returned immediately the season has finished. Please arrange to dry clean any dirty blazers and wash/press the grey trousers. If uniform is not returned you will be charged the full replacement cost. Overdue fees are also being charged for uniform which is returned late.


Please be aware that the school prefers students to purchase grey trousers that are worn with hire blazers. Trousers & ties are for sale in the uniform shop so be prepared to buy these February/March if your son is in a top sports team or represent the school in a cultural capacity.

Summer Uniform

Summer Uniform

Formal Blazer

Formal Uniform Blazer

SUMMER UNIFORM (terms 1 & 4)

All students should be in Summer Uniform the first day of Terms 1 and 4.

WINTER UNIFORM (terms 2 & 3)

All students should be in Winter Uniform the first day of Terms 2 and 3.

Uniform Enquiries

For all uniform queries (both new and secondhand) please contact NBHS on 833 5900 or email

Secondhand Uniform Shop

The second-hand shop is open at the same time as the new uniform shop.  The school sells on behalf and has no control on what stock is available.  It is the responsibility of those wishing to purchase second-hand items to come into the shop and buy – no refunds are given.


If you have school uniform you wish to sell in the shop, items can be left at the school office.  Staff price the goods and at the end of each term Parents’ League arrange for cheques of sold items to be posted out.  We ask that second-hand uniform be in a reasonable condition.  Only items sold in the new shop are sold in the second-hand shop.


A reminder that the sky blue summer shirts and navy cotton long sleeve winter shirts are not sold in the second hand shop due to the introduction of the new styles. Please do not try to sell these old style shirts or hand them on. We are happy to dispose of them if dropped into the school.