Matt Bertram


Bruce Smith

Deputy Headmaster

Dave Russell

Senior Master

Del Whyte

Senior Master

Kirstin Taylor

Senior Master

First Name Last Name Role
Robert Arrell HOD Languages e-mail
Michael Ashby HOD General Science e-mail
Grant Bundle HOD English/ House Master e-mail
Aidan Callaghan HOD Technology e-mail
Tim Cameron HOD Social Studies / History / International Director e-mail
Jo Double HOD Learning Support (English) e-mail
Stu Gourdie HOD Mathematics e-mail
Matthew Hardy HOD Science / Biology e-mail
Sarah Hargrave HOD Art e-mail
Ashton Johnson HOD Geography / Head of Hostel e-mail
Bojan Madzunarov HOD Music e-mail
Michael Leitch HOD PE e-mail
Rex Newman HOD Agriculture/House Master e-mail
Michael O’Connor HOD Chemistry e-mail
Mahendra Prasad HOD Commerce e-mail
Pohatu Paku HOD Maori e-mail
Wayne Rathbone HOD Junior Mathematics e-mail
Gary Smale HOD Senior Mathematics e-mail
John Stapley HOD ICT e-mail
Nick Williams HOD Physics e-mail
Terry Wyatt HOD Graphics e-mail
First Name Last Name Role
Hayley Double Dean – Hawke / Mathematics e-mail
Greg Jackson Dean – Scinde / Physical Education e-mail
Carola Laurs Careers e-mail
Kevin Martindale Dean – Clyde / Classics / Timetable e-mail
Stacey McNeill Guidance Counsellor / Careers e-mail
Jeff Pinfold Dean – Napier / Mathematics e-mail
Rob Silver Guidance Counsellor e-mail
Emma Tarrant Dean – Napier / English e-mail
Shannel Tamati-Herrick Dean – Clyde / Geography / Social Studies e-mail
Delwyn Te Hiko Whanau Liaison Officer e-mail
Simon West Dean – Hawke / Sports Director / Physical Education e-mail
First Name Last Name Role
Jan Appleby English e-mail
Evan Ball Mathematics e-mail
Murray Barker Geography / Gateway e-mail
Katherine Bertram Art e-mail
Tony Brosnan Science/House Master e-mail
Luke Buxton English e-mail
Gary Coetzee Graphics / Tech e-mail
Sarah Collins SCT / Languages / English e-mail
Amanda Demanser Food Technology(Maternity leave until 2021)
Sam Englebretsen History / Social Studies / House Master e-mail
Ashleigh Fincham Food Technology e-mail
Paul Garland Technology e-mail
Robert Gunn Physical Education e-mail
Eden Hamlin ICT e-mail
Keith Harrison Mathematics/House Master e-mail
James Heuser Mathematics e-mail
Paul Jackson Mathematics e-mail
Glenn Jones Technology e-mail
Steve Julian Science e-mail
Steve Julian Science e-mail
Greg Kettle Physical Education e-mail
James Lord English e-mail
Bevan Lynch Physical Education / Science / Agriculture / Social Studies e-mail
Kenneth Marshall Technology / House Master e-mail
Rita McCaughan English e-mail
William Mead Geography / Social Studies e-mail
Adam Moffitt Technology e-mail
Layton Onekawa Commerce e-mail
Mark Riddell Accounting / Economics e-mail
Tracy Robins English e-mail
Alani Samia Physical Education e-mail
Maxine September English e-mail
Emma Smith Science e-mail
Chris Swain Mathematics e-mail
Rachael Sweetapple English e-mail
Nick Sye Science/Mathematics e-mail
Brent Vyle Science e-mail
Caitlin Wealleans Science/Mathematics e-mail
Dion Whaitiri History/Social Studies/Maori/House Master e-mail
Deidre Whaanga Social Studies/English/FTEC e-mail
Trina Wills Art e-mail
First Name Last Name Role
Beverley Ansell Evening Matron
Michelle Barker Weekend Matron
Norma Bellamy Receptionist/Uniforms
Ngaio Blackwood Head Librarian / Publications e-mail
Michael Bradley Hostel kitchen staff
Aimee Brockman-Palmer Cleaning and Laundry
Liz Campbell Uniform
Dianna Chamberlain Science Tech.
Eileen Christoffersen Hostel kitchen staff
Sarah Cook International Homestay Coordinator e-mail
Julie Gourdie Receptionist e-mail
Brenda Hall Matron
Rachel Hammond Teacher Aide
Jonathon Harris Hostel kitchen staff
Sarah Helg Staffroom assistant/Hostel cleaning and laundry
Geoff Hollywood Groundsperson
Julie Huckson Finance
Deborah Jones Hostel kitchen staff
Michael Jones Finance Manager
Kirsty McCallum Sport and Cultural Administrator e-mail
Stuart Mckie Security, Van Driver and Caretaker
Jeanine Newsome Canteen Manager
Bronwynne Oliver Teacher Aide
Mike Pawson Hostel Caretaker / Groundsperson
Marie Pullan Library Staff
Geoff Pyott Property Manager
Brendon Ratcliffe Director of Rugby
Luvanna Rewi Hostel kitchen staff
Dave Russell Caretaker
Ann Salisbury Cleaning and Laundry
Kerrie Taylor-Gordon Weekend Matron / Food Technician
Lynnette Tully Accounts Manager e-mail
Antony Van Halderen Hostel kitchen staff
Carole Walters Cleaning and Laundry
Isabella Watson Hostel kitchen staff
Kerry West Cleaning and Laundry
Jayne White Office Manager, Board Secretary, and Headmaster’s PA e-mail
Jason Williams Hostel kitchen staff
Silvia Williams Finance
Regan Wootton Hostel Head Chef e-mail