Week Ahead: Week 8 Term 1 (20-26 March)


Napier Boys High School Week Ahead

Week Ahead: Week 8, Term 1, Monday 20th March – Sunday 26th March

Boys’ Breakfast 

This event is for the significant men in our Y9s’ lives – fathers/guardians/mentors. This is held onsite Friday, 24 March 7:00 – 8:15am. The aim of the breakfast is to continue the momentum gained from the Y9 Ladder to Manhood programme. All attendees will leave the ‘Boys Breakfast’ with ideas related to supporting and communicating with their teenage son.  

Breakfast is subsidised. For $15 you receive breakfast for two. 

There is a limited number of places still available. Please click here to register. 

Uniform Shop 

Pleas ensure that your son has a winter school uniform ready to wear for Term 2.  All students need to be in correct winter uniform – a long-sleeve winter shirt. Prices for winter uniform are available on the school website. The winter shirt is $48.  

To make purchasing winter uniform easier, orders may be emailed to uniforms@nbhs.school.nz   

Please ensure your email contain your son’s name, type of uniform required, size and quantity. This service is available if your son’s school account has funds to cover the cost. Sizing can be based on current summer uniform. Items may be exchanged if they have not been worn or named. Orders must be collected by your son from the school office.  

The Uniform Shop is open Tuesday after school, 3 – 4.30pm, and Thursday lunch, 1:10 -2:10pm, for new and second-hand uniform purchases. 

Term 2 holiday hours: the school Uniform Shop is open for new and second-hand purchases on Friday, 21 April 10:00 – 3:30pm. 

Cycling & Road Safety 

We appreciate your support to ensure that your son uses his bike / scooter responsibly travelling to / from school. The main message is for the boys to be aware of others, namely parked / moving vehicles and respecting pedestrians.  

Key messages need to be revisited – be safe, be aware, be seen and be prepared.  

More information to share with your son can be found here – cycle safety  

Upcoming Events – stay informed  

Please keep a close eye on this school newsletter, the ‘Week Ahead’, each Friday where any changes will be communicated.  

Urgent updates will be pushed-out via the School App, School Bridge.

Term One Progress Report 

This report offers an overview of your son’s achievement and effort. Ordinarily, we produce two reports a term. However, this term we will be generating only one. The April progress report will be emailed to parents / caregivers in Week 10. Please make the time to talk through this report with your son, acknowledging the positives, work-ons and setting goals to collectively work toward. 

If you do have any concerns in relation to your son’s progress at school, academic or pastoral, your fist contact is their tutor teacher. You can find staff emails here 

NCEA Internal Assessments due in Week 8 

NCEA Level 1 
Subject  Achievement Standard 
Japanese  AS1.2 Give a spoken presentation in Japanese that communicates a personal response 


NCEA Level 2 
Subject  Achievement Standard 
Japanese  AS 2.2 Give a spoken presentation in Japanese that communicates information, ideas and opinions 
Forestry  US17769 Demonstrate knowledge of general health, safety, and environmental requirements in forestry 
Technology – Combined  US21209 Demonstrate knowledge of and carry out health and safety procedures for a building construction site 
Technology – Woodwork  US24354 Demonstrate knowledge of health and safety legislation and apply safe working practices in a BCATS environment (theory component) 


NCEA Level 3 
Subject  Achievement Standard 
Japanese  AS3.2 Give a clear spoken presentation in Japanese that communicates a critical response to stimulus 
 DIT  AS3.2 Apply user experience methodologies to develop a design for a digital technologies outcome 

 NCEA Internal Assessments due in Week 9 

NCEA Level 1 
Subject  Achievement Standard 
Accounting  AS 1.7 Demonstrate understanding of cash management for a small entity 
DIT  AS 1.1 Create a computer program 
Geography  AS 1.5 Conduct geographic research, with direction 


NCEA Level 2 
Subject  Achievement Standard 
Technology – Woodwork  US24354 Demonstrate knowledge of health and safety legislation and apply safe working practices in a BCATS environment (practical component) 


NCEA Level 3 
Subject  Achievement Standard 

NCEA Internal Assessments due in Week 10  

NCEA Level 1 
Subject  Achievement Standard 
Technology – Combined  US2220 Set and operate a single boring machine to bore holes in furniture components 
Science – Alternate  AS1.8 Investigate selected chemical reactions 
Economics  AS1.2 Demonstrate understanding of decisions a producer makes about production 
Science  AS1.8 Investigate selected chemical reactions 
Hospitality   US19770 Prepare and present egg and cheese dishes in the hospitality industry 


NCEA Level 2 
Subject  Achievement Standard 
Physical Education  AS2.3 Demonstrate understanding of the application of biophysical principles to training for physical activity 
Economics  AS2.4 Analyse unemployment using economic concepts and models 
English  AS2.5 Construct and deliver a crafted and controlled oral text 
Hospitality  US13280 Prepare fruit and vegetable cuts in a commercial kitchen 
Hospitality   US167 Practise food safety methods in a food business under supervision 
Science – General  AS2.7 Demonstrate understanding of oxidation-reduction 
Sport & Recreation  AS2.2 Demonstrate understanding of how and why biophysical principles relate to the learning of physical skills 
English – Vocational  US12383 Explore career options and their implications 


NCEA Level 3 
Subject  Achievement Standard 
Agriculture  AS3.1 Carry out an investigation into an aspect of a New Zealand primary product or its production 
Physical Education  AS3.9 Devise strategies for a physical activity outcome 
Economics  AS3.3 Demonstrate understanding of micro-economic concepts 
Geography  AS3.5 Conduct geographic research with consultation 


NCEA Authenticity Forms 

Senior students and Y10 Accelerates have been emailed a link to their NCEA Authenticity form. Please check that your son has completed this form.  

All students undertaking NZQA Standards in 2023 must complete this form.  


Week Ahead Sport

Colts A Cricket Knockout Final: Monday 20th March vs NPBHS in Palmerston North

Winter Sports Registrations: Sports Registration information can be found HERE, and is due for completion on 22nd March.

2nd XI Hockey Trials: 21 March, 4.15-5.15pm at Park Island

Football Trials: Football senior trials will take place immediately after school on Tuesday 21 March. Trial teams are on the Sports notice board. If you would like your name added to this list, please see Mr Bundle before the trial.

Rugby Trials (2nd XV, 3rd XV, U14 and U15): Mr Burke has received all the names who wish to trial for the following teams: U14, U15 and 2nd/3rd XV. Team lists will be available on Monday outside the sports office. Please remember to bring mouthguard, a full water bottle and boots to the trial otherwise you will not trial.

Monday 20th March: U15 and U14

Tuesday 21st March: 2nd Xv and 3rd XV

Wednesday 22nd March: U15 and U14

Thursday 23rd March: 2nd Xv and 3rd XV

Location: Whitmore Park, 3.30pm

Rugby Weigh ins:

ALL NBHS RUGBY PLAYERS – Must attend a weigh in with HB Rugby on the below dates:
Monday 20th March (Year 12 & 13)
Wednesday 22nd March (Year 10 & 11)
Friday 24th March (Year 9)

Location: Prefab steps next to the Pavilion

Sports Draw

Sports Draws are updated here – https://www.nbhs.school.nz/students/sport-draws/ and on the sports noticeboard, outside the Administration Block.

Please ensure your son stays up-to-date with the daily notices, and related team updates. These are read in class and available daily via the MyMahi app.

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