RAD (Recycle a Device)


The Aotearoa initiative where technology meets community, sustainability, and education to fight the digital divide.

Keen to join us in fighting the digital divide?

At Napier Boys’ High School (NBHS), we are proud to be part of this transformative program. Here’s what RAD is all about:

What is RAD?

RAD is a unique initiative that combines technology and community to create sustainable education solutions. We focus on:

Recycling Devices: Our students have recycled about 20 devices that will return to NBHS, providing valuable resources for our equity pool.

Training Future Innovators:  Students involved in RAD receive expert training from past club members who are now in university. These trainers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience, helping our students become skilled in tech engineering and laptop refurbishment.

Supporting Education: We collaborate with community groups to ensure refurbished devices reach eager ākonga and rangatahi, helping bridge the digital divide.

Why Join RAD?

Please make a Difference: Help us turn quality devices into superheroes for those who need them.

Gain Valuable Skills:  Learn the art of tech engineering and contribute to sustainability. Be Part of a Community: Join a movement supported by commercial businesses across New Zealand dedicated to making a positive impact.

How You Can Help

We are always on the lookout for: Leaders- Passionate individuals ready to mentor and guide our students.

Let’s ensure every student has the technology they need to succeed. Join us on this magical journey of transformation and empowerment!

Learn More and Get Involved

Contact mcooke@nbhs.school.nz or jstapley@nbhs.school.nz.

Napier Boys’ High School Recycle a Device Club

Empowering students, fostering sustainability, and bridging the digital divide.

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