Week Ahead: Week 11 Term 1 (8th April – 14th April)


Napier Boys High School Week Ahead

Week Ahead: Week 11 Term 1, Monday 8th April – Sunday 14th April

End of Term

Friday 12 April is the end of Term 1. School finishes at the normal time of 2:55pm.

The school office is closed through the term holiday.

There is no Week Ahead next week. This is replaced by an end of term newsletter. The next Week Ahead will be the last Friday of the holidays, Friday 26 April.

Term 2 starts Monday, 29 April. This is Day 5 on the school calendar.

“Phones Away”

As we transition to applying Government and Ministry policy at the start of Term 2, we will be introducing a ‘phones away’ expectation across the school through Week 11. In short, the expectation is that your son’s mobile phone remains in his bag through the school day. Please be aware that students who choose to bring mobile phones to school do so at their own risk. The school cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to the devices.

Students are not permitted to use their phones during school hours, including lunch and break times. We have already communicated this restriction during assemblies and at tutor. Additionally, signage will be placed throughout the school. We expect students to self-monitor and responsibly meet the expectations.

Further details of the policy and expectations will be published in the Term 1 newsletter.

Uniform Shop

To assist parents with winter uniform requirements, families may email orders for winter tops and shorts to uniforms@nbhs.school.nz In your email, please include:

  • student name
  • product
  • size
  • quantity required.

At the time of ordering, the related funds must be deposited into / available in your son’s school account. The school internet banking details are: 12 – 3144 – 0100100 – 00. As a reference, please use your son’s surname and the narration, “winter uniform”.

Prices are long-sleeve shirts $48, lined shorts $51, school socks $14, school jackets $90, rugby jersey $80, playing socks (rugby / football) $18.

Sizes should be based on current uniform (XS, S, M, L, XL etc).  Any sizing that is incorrect can be swapped if the item is unworn or named.

Unfortunately, the senior grey trouser cannot be included in an email order. Your son must come into the shop to try these on.

Ordering via email is through until the end of Week 11, only.  Orders will be collated as staff have time to fill them. Students will be called to collect from the office once they are ready.

Please note the uniform shop is not open during the April school holidays.

Upcoming Events

Please take the time to look at this school newsletter, the ‘Week Ahead’. The Week Ahead outlines upcoming school activities. Urgent updates will be pushed-out via School Bridge.

We have moved to a digital school calendar. The school calendar can be accessed here: KAMAR  or SchoolBridge

Term One Progress Report

The April progress report will be emailed to parents / caregivers in Week 11. Please make the time to talk through this report with your son, acknowledging the positives, work-ons and setting goals to collectively work toward.

If you do have any concerns in relation to your son’s progress at school, academic or pastoral, your first contact is their tutor teacher.

Literacy and Numeracy Common Assessment Activities (CAA)

Year 11 students who have not yet achieved Level 1 Literacy or Numeracy have been entered for the upcoming Common Assessment Activities (CAA). The CAA will run in Week 4 and 5 of Term 2. Students who have not yet met the requirement in either Literacy Reading or Writing have been entered into a Microsoft Team. This MS Team will have practice questions, Quill activities and important notices for these students. If your son is unsure if he has or has not met the Literacy or Numeracy requirement, this can be found in his results on the KAMAR portal (student or parent) or MyMahi.

NCEA Internal Assessments due in Week 11

NCEA Level 1
Subject Achievement Standard
Science AS1.2 Demonstrate understanding of chemical reactions in context


NCEA Level 2
Subject Achievement Standard
Physical Education AS2.3  Demonstrate understanding of the application of biophysical principles to training for physical activity
English AS2.5 Construct and deliver a crafted and controlled oral text
Hospitality US13280 Prepare fruit and vegetable cuts in a commercial kitchen
Mathematics (201) AS2.9 Use statistical methods to make an inference
Mathematics (202) AS2.1 Apply co-ordinate geometry methods in solving problems
General Science AS2.7 Demonstrate understanding of oxidation-reduction


NCEA Level 3
Subject Achievement Standard
Geography AS3.5 Conduct geographic research with consultation

KAMAR Parent Portal

Parents / caregivers can access results and school reports through the KAMAR Parent Portal. If you have difficulty accessing the portal, please contact Mrs J Gourdie jgourdie@nbhs.school.nz Parents / whānau new to school will receive access details in the coming weeks.

You can access the KAMAR parent portal here: https://kamar.nbhs.school.nz/ or via the School Bridge app.

  Week Ahead Sport

Sports Draws

You can find the sports draws here: https://www.nbhs.school.nz/students/sport-draws/

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