Recommended laptop Specifications


In 2024 all year levels will move to a blended learning model. This means using the right ‘tool’ at the right time, just like a modern workplace. At times your son will be using a laptop for his learning. At other times he will be using a pen and paper.

We are mindful of the financial cost associated with purchasing and maintaining a device. Similarly, we are conscious of a device’s longevity. For many families and students it may be advisable to carryover their current laptop from Y8 and purchase a new device as they move into the senior school.

If you do intend to purchase a laptop ahead of your son starting in 2023, we encourage you to select a mid-range product that, hopefully, lasts through to the end of their secondary schooling. A mid-range device should have the following minimum specifications:

  • 8-hour battery life
  • i5 processor
  • 13-inch screen
  • 8 Gb ram
  • 250 Gb hard drive
  • The device when purchased should come with Microsoft Windows Home Edition.

The school will provide a license for Office 365. The school does not consider a cellphone as a device for learning and should not be used instead of a laptop.

The security and maintenance of the device is the responsibility of the student. We encourage you to engrave or label the laptop with your son’s name. The laptop should be stored in a protective bag or sleeve. You should ensure that the device is covered by your personal insurance.

You can purchase directly through New Era if you wish, information can be found here. 


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