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Roll up, roll up! ANY 2021 Year 11, 12 or 13 Rugby Players – you are welcome to attend our Wednesday morning off season conditioning sessions

Students and parents please know there is no barrier to entry/involvement in these sessions. Our aim is to guide any 2021 NBHS rugby player through some off season training ideas and offer you an ongoing training program (from 16th Dec through to return to school 2021) that you understand and can commit to. This is an opportunity for you all, it will make rugby in 2021 safer and it will make you better prepared for your 2021 rugby season, whichever team you play for.

We are very fortunate to have ex NZ Olympic swimmer, coach and respected rugby player Willie Benson on board to help guide our off season training and introduce our young men to a balanced training program. Including speed and explosiveness, general conditioning, power and flexibility. You do not need to have weights or access to a gym to get something out of this.

Please do make the most of this opportunity and parents please do support your sons to commit and make the most of this opportunity. If they are not sure, just help them to get along to the Wednesday sessions. They will start at 7.30am sharp, they will be done and dusted within an hour and there will be shower facilities available for those that have exams next Wednesday.

Excited to get this off the ground next week men and really pleased to have Willie Benson, a great New Zealander on board to support and develop our young men at NBHS. Shot Willie!

They will run for the next 4 Wednesday’s: 7.30am, shoes on START. Number 1 rugby field.
• 25th November
• 2nd December
• 9th December
• 16th December

WHAT: Year 11,12,13 Rugby Players 2021 off season training with Willie Benson
WHEN: Wednesday 25th November 7.30am ready to go
WHERE: Number 1 rugby field, NBHS
WHO IS WELCOME: Any 2021 year 11,12 or 13 NBHS student looking to play rugby next season
WHAT TO BRING: A great attitude, running shoes (mouldies as well if you have them but no worries if you don’t)
DURATION: 1 hour max. Showers and changing facilities available post training.

Don’t worry year 9 and 10 rugby players, we are getting your off season program off the ground next week as well. Initial meeting at beginning of interval in rugby pavilion, Tuesday 24th Nov. Same deal parents, open access to ANY 2021 year 9 and 10 rugby player to take part, please support your sons to get along to this. It can only be good for them.

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