Home Based Individual Strength and Fitness Training Plan for all sports

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As we head into a lockdown period of at least four weeks it’s more important than ever to commit to some form of
physical conditioning, not just to improve your physical health but as importantly to retain the best of mental

These activities were put together by Dave Russell, Brendon Ratcliffe, and Bevan Lynch for the offseason rugby
squad earlier this year. We wanted to give the guys some guidelines for training that did not require gym-based
equipment and could be done in isolation while away on holiday.

We think they have real application now during the COVID – 19 Level 4 lockdown and will make a difference to any
sport and anybody within NBHS and wider community.

Please follow the COVID – 19 Level 4 directives with discipline. Do not meet friends and others from outside of your
family lockdown group at a park to train together. Yes, you can train with family members you are living with but
meeting others from outside your family living group, no matter how tempting it is will only potentially spread the
disease and nullify the sacrifices we are all making during this enforced lockdown.

The numbers listed are only a guideline. No one expects people to be reaching the maximum or attempting the
maximum from the outset. Your start point may be one or no chin-ups that really doesn’t matter. What does
matter is that you make a commitment to doing some form of physical activity and stick with it. You’ll be pleasantly
surprised where you can get to in 4 or 8 or 12 weeks.

Give it your best shot each day. Mix and match your exercises as you want to. Set a target each week, 3-4 sessions
will make a real difference. Have a play with different activities and run options, just do something.
See if you can convince someone in the family to commit as well. It might be a brother or a sister who will train
alongside you. Maybe mum or dad could start a walking programme if they haven’t done anything for a while or
get in there alongside you if they are already active. The key is committing to something and staying active, you
will feel better both physically and mentally and be in the best state to take on any of the challenges ahead.

Kia kaha NBHS
Brendon Ratcliffe
NBHS Director of Rugby

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