Napier Boys' High School

Headmaster’s Kōrero 2021


Kia ora koutou katoa,

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and a happy, relaxing holiday break. As we come to the end of the term, and the year, we can look back over 2021 and say, even with the uncertainty of Covid, that we have a lot to be grateful for. I personally feel optimistic about our future, this confidence comes from knowing, observing, and understanding the commitment and passion our staff and students have shown to overcome obstacles. We have all persevered with a sustained, determined focus to work toward achieving our goals. I believe collectively, parents, caregivers and staff have provided the care and guidance necessary to give students every chance and opportunity to succeed. I am proud of the way these young men have responded, it is this aptitude and preparedness that gives me hope for the future.

It goes without saying that we will need to be ready for some continual changes in 2022. The requirement of double vaccinations to participate will become an increasing demand in our community. Already we have communicated that School Sport NZ has made it compulsory for students to be double vaccinated to participate in events through 2022. The Super 8 Schools group, which includes Napier Boys’ High School, have also followed suite, mandating vaccinations for those who compete. Although students are not required to be vaccinated to attend school, the ability to participate in any extra-curricular activities outside of school will become increasingly difficult. Over the past month our entire staff and those who are regularly associate with the school have all provided evidence and assurance of their vaccination status. We are all working together to keep our school and community safe. The message from the government is loud and clear, ‘get vaccinated if you haven’t already’.

In a few weeks we will celebrate a season based on gratitude, on the importance of giving, with no thought of reward, a season in which we are reminded of what is most important to us in our world. Whakawhanaungatanga comes to the forefront. We remember those we have loved, who are no longer here to share our joy, and we reflect upon the necessity to cherish those we have in our lives. At Napier Boys’ High School, in 2021, we have continued to recognise the critical importance of living by our school motto, ‘do right, fear nothing’. We understand that our good work reflects who we are and that we have a responsibility to ensure that others share that sense of well-being. At Christmas, we can, and must, recognise the gift which we are given by those around us. We thank all the special people who are leaving, and we cherish both their memories, and the joy we feel in the people who are a part of our community. Thank you all for your understanding of what is important, and for the very real part, you have played this year in our school’s success. To those returning, have a wonderful holiday; I look forward to sharing another equally special year with you all in 2022.

Jarred Williams

End of Year 2021

The School Office is open 13 – 16 December, 8 am – 4 pm
The Uniform Shop is closed

Start of Year, 2022

School Office reopens 24 January

Monday – Friday: Opening hours 8 am – 4 pm

Uniform shop

Open from Tuesday 25 – Friday 28 + Monday 31, 10 am – 3.30 pm

Week 1 Term 1

The outline for Week 1, 2022, is as follows:

  • Monday, 31 January – Y12 / Y13 students course confirmation from 12:00 pm.
  • Tuesday, 01 February – Y9 and Y13 students. Full day. The pōwhiri commences at 9:00 am.
  • Wednesday, 02 February – Y9 students and Prefects. Full day. 8:30 am start.
  • Thursday, 03 February – Y10 – Y12 students. 8:30 am start.
  • Friday, 04 February – full school. 8:30 am start.

The school calendar is available here:

We will post an update through our social media channels the week before school returns.

Onsite Asbestos Removal

During the summer holiday period, asbestos will be removed from the school Memorial Library. This building must be treated as a hazard. It is out-of-bounds from 10 through 24 January 2022. Through the holiday period, all building sites on the school grounds should be treated as hazardous areas. Thank you for your support.

School Bus Arrangements, 2022

Next year will see some changes to our school transport. At this time the Ministry of Education will transition to a new contract with bus operators. The school bus operator on our routes is changing. We are working closely with our school bus operators and the Ministry of Education to ensure that the transition proceeds well.

To ensure minimal disruption to the start of the school year, please familiarise yourself with the information below.

Eligibility for school transport assistance (Clive and Bayview Buses, only)

We often get questions related to whether a student qualifies for school transport assistance i.e. a place on a free school bus.

The Ministry of Education has three criteria that students must meet to qualify for school transport assistance, including:

  1. The student must attend their closest state or state-integrated school.
  2. The student must live more than a certain distance from the school:
    Years 1-8 – at least 3.2km
    Years 9-13 – at least 4.8km
  3. There must be no suitable public transport options.

The Ministry of Education has a handy video on their website that helps explain the eligibility criteria for school transport assistance.

Responsibility of caregivers

  • Do not park in the bus bays
  • Adhere to the speed limit – 20km/h while passing a stationary school bus on either side of the road
  • Try to eliminate the need for children to cross the road
  • Ensure that children get to and from the bus stop safely
  • Teach children to not run across the road

Please note: if you currently have a private arrangement with your bus operator, you will need to contact your bus operator to confirm that your arrangement will continue in 2022.

School Sport Under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF)

The School Sport NZ Board have mandated that all School Sport NZ sanctioned events in Term 1, 2022 – including the summer holidays – will be restricted to fully vaccinated participants, aged 12 and over, only.

This means that all school sport will be restricted to students with Covid Vaccine Passes.

Further details will be provided as they become available.

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