PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL ITEMS ARE NAMED. If your son loses any uniform that is not named there is no way we can identify it.


Both “New” and “Secondhand” Uniform shops are open during  School Term only:

  • Tuesdays – 3.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
  • Thursdays – 1.10 p.m. to 2.10 p.m.

Summer School Uniform

Every student is to be in summer uniform day one of term 4 (16 October). Please organise to purchase & pay for summer uniform during the shops opening hours.
To aid the winter change-over the shops will also be open on the last day of the school holidays: Friday 13 October 10am – 4pm

New Uniform Shop Prices

  • Summer Shirts / All Sizes / $43
  • Summer Shorts / All Sizes / $50
  • Socks / $14
  • Jerseys / $95
  • School Jacket / $90
  • PE Shorts / $33
  • PE Shirts / $38
  • Caps / $25

Year 12 & 13 (optional)

  • Senior Polo Shirts / All Sizes / $45
  • Grey Trousers / $58
  • White Shirts / $45
  • Ties / $25

Secondhand Uniform Shop

Secondhand Uniform items can be sold on behalf less 20% commission which goes to the Parents League. The items must be washed, mended and in excellent condition to be sold through our second hand shop. WE DO NOT SELL ANY ITEMS ON BEHALF THAT ARE NOT SOLD THROUGH OUR NEW UNIFORM SHOP. These items can be dropped off at the School Office between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m with your name, phone number and address. Uniform staff will price them for you and a cheque will be sent from the Parents League once the items have been sold.


While we try to ensure second hand items are of a reasonable standard, please note it is “Buyer Beware” – there are no refunds on second hand items. It is recommended all purchases are checked carefully.

SUMMER UNIFORM (terms 1 & 4)

All students should be in Summer Uniform the first day of Terms 1 and 4.

WINTER UNIFORM (terms 2 & 3)

All students should be in Winter Uniform the first day of Terms 2 and 3.

Uniform Enquiries

For all uniform queries (both new and secondhand) please contact Norma Bellamy on 833 5900 extn 204 or email