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Napier Boys’ High School Remote Digital Learning


Napier Boys’ High School Remote Digital Learning With school being closed due to Covid – 19 we have moved to remote digital learning. This will obviously be very different to your normal classes. It will rely on your individual motivation to stay engaged with your learning. Teachers are also new to this so please be patient as they work their way through any issues that may present themselves along the way. They are working hard to make the most out of this difficult position we all find ourselves in.


Students will have one ‘lesson’ per week with their teacher online using the Microsoft TEAMS platform. Please refer to the timetable for when lessons occur. Part of this lesson time will be used to direct students about work that is to be completed over the next week. They can then contact the teacher via the TEAMS platform (or email) to ask questions, get feedback on work completed or access resources posted by their teacher.

Download/open–> Microsoft Teams Student Manual

This is to help you understand how to use Teams and Office tools in order to help your learning, while we are all dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is meant to keep things simple and will require you only to have a working internet browser, such as Chrome (recommended), Edge or Firefox in order to help you complete your work.

There is a helpline for any students experiencing problems connecting or accessing resources. If there are any issues, contact