The school site is both impressive and extensive. 


The school grounds accommodate 4 rugby and 3 soccer pitches in winter and 8 grass cricket wickets in summer. There is also an artificial turf area that provides 6 tennis courts in summer and ¾ size hockey turf in the winter. Music, drama and cultural facilities (including a dedicated Maori Studies Learning Centre) complement the classroom space.


And adjacent farm with pine plantation and New Zealand’s first school vineyard, and outdoor education camp at Puketitiri (Camp Simmons) and the location of the Hawke’s Bay Holt Planetarium at the school complete the educational facilities.


The school community is proud of the facilities and visitors often comment positively about the quality of the buildings and grounds.



Armour Block

Replacement buildings will allow the school to completely rebuild all our science facilities into state of the art teaching spaces and, more importantly, group our science faculty in one block.

Boiler Room conversion

The removal of the old school boiler (below) has allowed us to “renovate” this space into a teaching room. This will be invaluable during the Armour Block re-build, ensuring that we have enough classrooms to meet our needs.